About Krav Maga


About Taekwondo


     Krav maga is a practical and tactical course that  teaches you how to prevent and to overcome all types of  violence.
      Krav maga prepares people for self defense,self protection,fight  and also the ability to defend others.The system teaches you to avoid conflicts,but in case you have no choice,you will be able to fight efficient in order to survive.You could choose to apply more aggressive techniques or not,according to the type of aggression  or the number of aggresors.
  Krav maga was developed in Istrael  as real life skills for real life situations.Founded and formed by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) continues to evolve and be modernized by Eyal  Yanilov, assisted by his top instructors how are studing with him.
  Eyal Yanilov is the only person that Imi awarded the Diplome of Excelence  as well as the title of expert level 8-the highest rank in Krav  Maga.Today Eyal Yanilov conduct Krav Maga Global,the moust advanced school  of Krav Maga from the world.
    Krav Maga was developed in Israel for and in realistic situations.

Principles for Krav Maga

   Guiding Principles for Krav Maga Techiques that you learn:
-Avoid injury
-Appropriate response
-Direct and simple response
- Use the environment
-Training balance
- Mental training:-stress training
                                -improving techniques
                                  -controlling emotions
                                  -creating desired mental state
-knife attack
-stick attack
-gun attack
-common objects,360 defenses;
-bear hugs
-Using  shin,elbow,fist,leg ,knee,arm,forearm,head.

Taekwondo was developed by general CHOI HONG HI from Chong HUN,TAEK KYON,SOO BAK GI AND Karate techniques.

    Taekwondo has 24 forms named in Korean languages “tulls”.The proper meaning of Taekwondo is the way of the arm and leg.Using the balance and the inner force of your own body in order to avoid or to defend yourself.The techniques of Taekwondo include different types of foot kicks such us :front kick,side kick,circular kick(180,360),jumping kick .The same with hand techniques:straight punches,uppercuts,hooks,elbows,palms.
The theory of power supports the main pillors of Taekwondo and includes:the force of reaction,the body weight,the speed,balance,control of respiration and concentration.


Lessons schedule


   One lesson of krav maga or taekwondo is about 60 minutes and includes:
-warm up-cvs(cardio vascular system activation)
                   -joints and muscular
                   -flexibility and stretching(static  -relax and stretch;PNF(proprioceptiv neuromuscular      facilitation)-strech 2-4sec and 1 sec of contracting.
                 -demo of the teaching technique for that specific day and similaritates with other technique
                 -dry drill of the technique
                  -integrated drill with partners
                  -power drills
                  -games for developing the technique
                  -tarmaz-integrated exercises with stress and techniques always  putting accent on safety.

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